Killer Instinct Xbox 360 Prototype

A month late, a few hundred dollars short, but look, an update on the site. Of course, as you may have guessed, I already posted these videos on Youtube. But hey, for those who don’t follow the Youtube channel, and you totally should, this should give some idea of what I’ve been up to. Updates on Youtube are fairly regular, so go check that out sometime. Please?


EA Chicago’s “Marvel” Gameplay

Every time I cover this game, something seems to happen and the video footage disappears. Let’s hope for the best this time around! This footage shows the very, very early gameplay of Marvel for the Xbox 360. All hope for this game was lost when EA Chicago closed down, canceling a number of projects they were working on, this included. Please do recognize that because this is an extremely early build, the framerate is pretty bad, which is typical for this point in development. Check out the HD video after the break.


Driver Next-Generation : FPP Gameplay Build

This build of what would become Driver : San Francisco is from September of 2008, 3 years before the game was finally released! The build, as you could probably guess, is titled “FPP Gameplay Build.” Despite running on the Xbox 360, it has PS3 button prompts. In the gameplay video below, you can see that the “Jumping” action is already available, which was one of the primary hooks of the retail game. An early cutscene can be seen in storyboard form, but the audio seems to play after the fact.

Most of the other options seem to freeze the game, but rest assured, more videos of different builds are coming soon!