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Stargate Best-Lock Sets – Part 1

During the last week of August, someone discovered that Best-Lock, a company that make construction sets much like LEGO, released Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis sets in Canada, at Sears to be specific. While Gateworld was able to confirm a US release for these sets, I was unwilling to wait, so with the help of DefectX11, I was able to have the sets shipped from Canada to my apartment in the United States. I ordered every set, plus an extra of SG-1 Earth set. I am a huge LEGO fan, so having Stargate sets out there made me want them, whatever the cost. I know that PtoPOnline is primarily about games, but I am just a big kid who happens to have money now, so I’ll post about it anyway! Let’s take a look at the sets themselves.