PSX Prototype Controller DTL-H500C

This Sony Playstation Prototype controller is one of the more rare prototype controllers out there. It is entirely different from the controller that eventually shipped with the PS1.

A version of this was likely used with very, very late SNES CD prototypes, or at the very least Sony may have used their own development hardware from that era in the creation of this prototype. Unfortunately, that remains impossible to confirm.


ClayFighter Extreme

ClayFighter Extreme is an unreleased fighting game for the Playstation 1. It featured the “classic” action from the previous series, made in the same vain as ClayFighter 63 1/3 from the Nintendo 64. An early build of this game was sold way back in 2008, but it remains unclear how far the game got in development. If you or someone you know has any leads on this title, let me know!




Developer : Argonaut Games
Platform(s) : PS1
Cancelled : 2000


Malice is another title that I will be returning to time and time again. There is a ton of great information to be had from its long history, starting on the PS1, the tech demos on the Xbox, and prototypes on the PS2 and Xbox leading up to its release in 2004. This will become the central hub for all Malice content, your one-stop-shop if you miss the content while it is on the front page.

Resident Evil 1.5 : Elza Screenshots

If you missed the train somehow, an early version of the restoration mod for Resident Evil 1.5, or Biohazard depending on your location, has been released in an attempt to prevent some of the potential scams and profiteering that may have occurred. It is buggy, due to the incomplete process of injecting C code into the game itself, but it gives an oh-so-sweet taste of what could have been.

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