Panasonic m2 Console

This, for many, myself include, is a holy grail. A real, working, m2 console in near-final form. These pictures were sent to me by Zappenduster many years ago, and feature one of the few working units that included full hardware, and not just a CD emulator like the development kit. Until recently, it was thought to be one of the last prototypes made for the doomed console, but an auction on Yahoo Japan in the past year or so revealed that there was a later, white prototype that included a logo and a functioning controller prototype with full analog controls.


Panasonic M2 Controller Prototype

The Panasonic / Matsushita was to be a followup to the 3do console, and was due to be released some time after the PS1 and N64. It featured better graphics than the PS1 and n64, with a controller that looked like a n64 controller, with an added analog wheel. But like most consoles, a controller goes through many revisions. This prototype controller is one of the earliest, and is actually based off of a turbo controller for the original 3do. At one point I owned 4 or 5 of these, some in the box, but I no longer own one.