Diablo for the Original Game boy

Shacknews recently posted a story regarding a Diablo port to the Game Boy Color or Game Boy Advance. In the interview with David Craddock, who is writing a book about Diablo history, it was said that the game was to feature three separate versions, allowing players to trade between them as in Pokemon.
This is all great information, but it really only confirms what we already knew : Diablo was being tested on handhelds. Back in 2008, I was able to purchase an early tech demo of Diablo running on the original Game Boy handheld. It didn’t feature a whole terribly lot : An animated menu, some walking around in a dungeon, and the ability to swing a sword, but there it was, as real as could be. If you haven’t seen the screenshots of the game before, I have added some to this post. It was looking quite nice, even as an early tech demo!