Outrun 2 Chihiro Beta : Video of the Game Running on an Xbox!

Somehow, this one managed to slip all of us by. Many thanks to Boomslangnz for discovering the oversight and sending me a message! I’ve had the beta downloaded for a while, and just never tested it on an Xbox. Go figure, it works! On a debug kit of course (or a box with 128mb of ram, if you run MAME first, apparently). Without access to the test mode, as it doesn’t work on the Xbox, there doesn’t seem to be any way to enable the Continue mode which would allow a birdseye view.


Virtua Cop 3 – From Arcade to Xbox Part 3

This is the conclusion of the Virtua Cop 3 footage, featuring the “Hard” mission level. That is, until I get a suitable lightgun setup anyway! Even using a standard controller, I actually really enjoyed the game, and wish it had seen a fleshed out retail release on the Xbox or even modern platforms for that matter. It is a solid, fun shooter that I think fans would really enjoy. Check out the rest of the game in the video below.


Virtua Cop 3 – From Arcade to Xbox Part 1

Virtua Cop 3 was released in arcades at a time where arcades were on their way out, in the United States anyway. Because of that, few people ever had a chance to play it. Virtua Cop 3 runs on an Xbox-based system called the Chihiro. Unlike the Xbox though, the system could be configured with much more RAM, with at least 1gb possible, compared to the 64mb of a normal Xbox. Despite the format similarities, the RAM difference is too big to overcome, so while the .XBE files, or Xbox Executables, are almost exactly the same, most games will refuse to run on any Xbox.

I say most, because Virtua Cop 3 seems to be the exception. While the game will not run on a retail Xbox, modified Xbox systems with 128mb of RAM, along with Debug Xbox systems which come stock with 128mb, seem to be able to run the game flawlessly. It even includes Xbox controller and lightgun support, although I am lacking in the lightgun compartment right now.

Check out the video below, which showcases the first mission of the game. More to come in the next week or so, showing off the rest of the game.