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Games matter. They truly do. Game preservation matters. And yet the gaming industry hasn’t learned from the movie industry, which has hundreds of movies lost to time. Nor has it learned from television, which has shows like Doctor Who missing entire episodes, let alone the other shows lost completely.

PtoPOnline was started in 2005. 10 years later, and a whole lot of schooling, I am finally trying to take it to the next level. I’ve preserved prototypes like Diablo on the Gameboy, years before the big press followed up on it. I managed to track down Stargate SG-1 The Allianceand get the first true, high quality footage out there of nearly the entire game. And I also broke the story on Star Wars Battlefront III, the version that was cancelled at Free Radical Design.

Let’s be clear, I am not affiliated with any gaming company or even the gaming industry. The game companies retain the rights to all titles that I show here and elsewhere. Im a teacher librarian who works with high school students. And yet my little blog has been featured on siteslike Kotaku, Joystiq, Engadget, and even some international published press over the years. I’ve contributed to sites like Unseen64, who does similar work that helps me target some games I didn’t even know existed.

All of this has been on a student’s salary. Hardware to capture video, hardware to play games, and the games themselves have come from my pocket over the years, choosing to try my luck in buying a piece of software rather than go out with friends. Even with the limited donations I’ve received over the years, it doesn’t even begin to cover the games I’ve tracked down, but that is okay!

Your donations help me track down more titles, and allow me tobackup, video, and otherwise do everything I can to preserve the software and hardware for the future. It allows me to explore more diverse and permanent solutions that will allow these games to be preserved now, before we have to dig up old broadcast tapes in Africa (a Doctor Who reference again!). I’ve already got the wheels moving to make sure that my collection survives beyond me, so hopefully everyone learns a thing or two along the way!

If you have any recommendations for patron extras, let me know! I don’t know what people want to see until I hear it from all of you directly!

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