Aliens VS Predator (Requiem) PSP Beta : First Look

This disk just arrived at my apartment after a long journey thanks to USPS messing up a bit, but the wait was worth it. This beta version came not on a UMD, but on a DVD that is formatted for use in PSP Tool Development Kits. With a bit of poking around, I was able to get it to run without issue on my PSP Go. This beta is from September of 2007, when the game was still known as just Aliens vs Predator, while the game was eventually subtitled as “Requiem” and released in November of 2007. Luckily, there seems to be a ton of differences, even looking at the game for just a couple of minutes. This is just the start of my coverage for this game, so check out the three comparison shots below, plus an extra shot to round it off!

The first difference that jumped out at me is the change in the copyright screen. The beta version has more information, which is a rarity.

The second difference was noticed when creating a profile and saving it to the internal memory.

No comparison would be complete without showing off some actual gameplay. On the left is the beta version of a Skirmish map, and on the right, the final version.


And lastly, to end this first look, no beta would be complete without some sort of level select


That wraps up this first post on Aliens VS Predator. Since this is what I found in only a few spare minutes, I am excited to see what happens when I devote some real time to it. Video is coming soon of course, so stay tuned!