Xbox XDK 3911 Final Hardware Recovery

Most people experienced the XDK Shell on their modified Xbox consoles. The process for setting up a modified Xbox is far different than a real debug kit. On a modified kit, you need at the minimum a modified BIOS along with some way to drop the extracted XDK files onto your Xbox.

With a debug kit, it is as simple as putting a proper disk into the console and hitting a few buttons. This 3911 recovery is from August of 2001, and is meant for final hardware. There is another set of disks, which I may show in the future, which is also from August of 2001, but it is for the DVT3 beta hardware. It is pretty clear that by August 2001, retail hardware was making its way to developers, just in time for the November 2001 launch of the Xbox console in the United States. Amazing how quick it all goes!

Check out the video below!