The Legend of Zorro

I was pretty excited to see this game in my last lot of items. Looking strictly at the .XBE, the game looked to be an incomplete version of Catwoman. It was named Catwoman, it had the Catwoman icon, no big deal, and not something I would be interested in really. Booting it up though revealed that I was completely wrong. The Legend of Zorro is indeed built on the Catwoman prototype, but like Bionicle 2, it previously had no known media on the web. It is again a cancelled game from Argonaut, from the final months of its existence. Who knows how this one would have turned out, but the idea of a fun moving, horse riding game on the Xbox seems fun to me! The video isn’t quite as high quality as I would like, since this is another title I can’t seem to get running in 480p, but Ill keep at it.

Watch it on Youtube!