Star Wars Battlefront III

Star Wars Battlefront III

Developer : Free Radical Design
Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii
Cancelled : 2008

Ever since the alpha footage leaked in 2009, Star Wars : Battlefront 3 has been one of the most wanted games. Of course, with Free Radical Design’s closing, we’ve been left waiting. And waiting. The alpha footage looked so good, and yet, from my understanding, the game has been completely scrapped and restarted.

I was lucky enough to get some footage and impressions of the game.  This footage is the best I could get for the time being. Remember, this game was in an alpha state when it was cancelled. The old leaked footage was from a Free Radical Design event in November of 2008. I believe that this footage is from around March – April 2008, so depending on when the old leaked footage was recorded, it could be up to 8 months older.

This footage is also of the Xbox 360 build. It seems like a quick and dirty port, not optimized at all. This continues in all aspects of the game, as it continues to say “Exit to Desktop.” Framerates are bad, AI is virtually non-existent, nothing has been bug tested, it isn’t feature complete, the list goes on.

That said, I am really, really excited to share some of the work from Free Radical. They were a great development team that hit hard times, so I hope everyone else enjoys the hard work that they put into this game. Yes, it’s early, but to me, having seen many cancelled games, it was quite promising. Some of the levels are worse than what is below, and some are better.