World Scariest Police Chases 2 : Code Red

It has been a busy week here for me. In addition to the “normal” life responsibilities like graduate school, field experience hours, and work, I received some unique Xbox goods. While you have already seen some of the items that came, namely Bionicle 2 and i-Ninja, believe it or not there is still a lot more to look at.

This article is a preliminary look at another totally unreleased and totally unseen Xbox game, World’s Scariest Police Chases : Code Red, developed by HotGen Studios. It is a follow up to the Playstation 1 title, and is based on a TV show which featured, you guessed it, crazy police chases.

Like most titles that come swinging by here, it is far from complete. Most of the levels are filled with placeholders, with missing textures being the norm. It can be quite hard to see what is going on when everything is white, but you can still get an idea what the game was going for. WSPC2 was apparenty going to be multiplatform, as the PS2 buttons quickly reveal.

Take a short look at the video below, and feel free to follow PtoPOnline using any of the social networking tools that you may use.

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