Made Man e3 build : Hidden development levels

Since I originally posted the Made Man videos a few months back, people have been wanting to play it. Luckily, that time seems to be coming soon, as a public release looks as though it is just around the corner. I’ve been holding this video until that time came, and I figured that today is close enough. With a simple edit of a configuration file, the player gets access to the level select menu, which allows access to the maps that were to be in the game!

Of course, the levels were still in development, and this build is likely missing many files, but the level select reveals some neat development maps that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Many maps are accessible in their early forms, with some crashing the game completely, so at least you get an idea what was being done. I would be curious to know if the PS2 files can be used to help this build along any, but I do not have access to that so I’ll leave that for all of you to discover in the near future!

Don’t worry, your speakers aren’t broken.  There is minimal sound in the video below, with a few sections having some footsteps, and some doors opening, but that is about it.

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