Kameo : Elements of Power | The Unreleased Xbox Version Revealed! (Part 1)

To say Kameo : Elements of Power had a long and storied history would be an understatement. Developed by the much-beloved studio Rare, Kameo started its life on the Nintendo Gamecube. Not much is known about Kameo from this time period, since shortly after it was announced, Microsoft swooped in and bought Rare, which cancelled some projects, and moved others, such as Kameo, to Microsoft’s own Xbox platform.

Start Screen of the Xbox Build


The Gamecube Version

Following their acquisition, Rare continued development of Kameo on the Xbox platform. Development at this stage seemed to be going well, with the game being shown off at Microsoft’s X02 and x03 events, in addition to being shown at e3 2004.  But with the Xbox 360 looming, the game was put on indefinite hold, until finally reemerging for the Xbox 360’s launch in 2005.


The second logo

The title received mixed reviews, with some players missing the Rare of the n64 days, while many others, myself including, loving the game. Even today, the Xbox 360 version of Kameo looks great.

The final logo, along with some concept art

Despite a few people holding onto e3 and debug versions of the Xbox version of Kameo, the title has eluded my grasp, despite being offered the game at one time. Thanks to user Ghostseed, the Xbox version will finally see the light of day. The game appears to be very, very similar to the Xbox 360 version, indicating that the game wasn’t changed too terribly much for its final release. Graphics are, of course, toned down in this version, but that is to be expected, based on the sheer horsepower difference between the Xbox and the Xbox 360. The framerate holds up very well from what I have been able to play thus far.

Based on the inclusion of the updater software, Id imagine that this build is fairly far along. The actual build date is from October 1st, 2004, so 8 years ago, or one year before the Xbox 360’s launch. That would have given them enough time to get it together on the 360, especially since the game already looked great.

One of the things I thought was neat is that when you look at the .XBE file, it reveals where the game was built from and where the .EXE file was located. The folder it was located in was named Dolphin, which, for those who don’t follow game development, was the codename for the Gamecube, where the game started development.

No coverage of a game would be complete without some brand new screenshots, along with some nice, clean video to look at. Below you will see a huge gallery of shots from the Xbox build of Kameo, along with a 480p video of the first 40 or so minutes, and the unfinished ending cutscene!. Much thanks to Ghostseed for sharing the game with me, hope everyone enjoyed it!


First 40 minutes : 

Watch on Youtube!


Ending cutscene :

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