Stargate Atlantis BC-304 Daedalus Best-Lock Construction Set

Back from vacation and ready to go, I decided to build the Daedalus set, which was delivered while I was away (Apparently, the post office ignored my mail hold request.) I am just going to breaking it down into the positives, and negatives


+ Nice Packaging

+ Design is fairly nice on the Daedalus

+ Large model for the price and the amount of pieces

+ Pieces were less warped than the previous set, and for the most part, went together quite nicely, with an exception or two

Stickers. I hate stickers, and these are just awful

Missing piece. Really, they sent the wrong piece. Unlike LEGO sets which seem to have a few extra, these sets seem to only have what is needed. Except when it is the wrong one.

Poor and inconsistent colors. The grey color of the ship is really not nice when compared to LEGO bricks, and some of the pieces appear even more green


Check out the pictures below, most of them have a short description