Whacked! – Xbox Beta Live Version

Most people know Whacked! from its inclusion on the Xbox Live trial disk for the Xbox 1. Turns out, the game was also used to test Xbox Live itself. I received this disk, along with 3 others, with a second Beta Live kit. Unfortunately, the kit seems to have sustained some harddrive damage in transit, but it may be getting better after a quick “Whack!”

This version of Whacked! is relatively early. Right from the start, you see that the Microsoft Studios logo isn’t even done! Some debug text remains in the game, although it is not clear just how much is left. The nature of Beta Live games means that the .XBE, or Xbox Executable, format is not quite the same as a retail game, nor is it the same as a debug kit, limiting testing quite a bit for now. This also means that I am limited to the PAL format, and not 480p, leaving deinterlacing artifacts, but I hope to get around that in the near future.

Check out the video below, and leave a comment!