ATV 3 : Lawless – August 26th, 2004 Build

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to help release a number of titles, including this title, ATV3 : Lawless. This game seemed like it would be a standard ATV racing game that was popularized during the last generation of games, but an unreleased title is an unreleased title, and I couldn’t pass it up. But like any game in production, the developers didn’t make just one build. When I won an auction on Ebay for a debug box, it included a number of games, including a handful of builds of ATV 3 : Lawless.

All of the builds, including the one that was released in the past, seem to come from the same period of time, with most of the new builds being from within the same week. However, that is not to say they are the same. While the build that leaked looked relatively final, in that it didn’t have many debug functions or text overlays, each of the builds I  now own include a variety of debugging functions, and some slight differences in the features and performance of the game.

The first build is the “Default.xbe” file. As you can see in the text overlays, it says both August 25th, 2004, and August 26th, 2004. I went with the later date on this one. In terms of debugging functions, it doesn’t have much, with the performance analyzer being the only real thing to note. This build seems most like the leaked build, although it may be a bit quicker, hard to say. Check out the screenshots from this build, along with a 480p video, below, and look for coverage of the other builds in near future.

Watch it on Youtube!