Stargate Best-Lock Sets – Part 1

During the last week of August, someone discovered that Best-Lock, a company that make construction sets much like LEGO, released Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis sets in Canada, at Sears to be specific. While Gateworld was able to confirm a US release for these sets, I was unwilling to wait, so with the help of DefectX11, I was able to have the sets shipped from Canada to my apartment in the United States. I ordered every set, plus an extra of SG-1 Earth set. I am a huge LEGO fan, so having Stargate sets out there made me want them, whatever the cost. I know that PtoPOnline is primarily about games, but I am just a big kid who happens to have money now, so I’ll post about it anyway! Let’s take a look at the sets themselves.

As of this post, 3 boxes of 5 have arrived. There are only 4 sets, but I ordered an extra, just in case. Below you can see the sets that came in the mail. Unfortunately, I am quite limited on time for the next week or so, so I couldn’t set up a lightbox big enough for these things, resulting in lower quality photos than I would like, with seemingly terribly white balance. Sorry! I also didn’t even finish the box I started, which is the “Battle Over Abydos” set.

The primary differences are this : The Battle over Abydos has F-302 and a Deathglider, along with all of SG-1, the pyramid, and the Sphinx. Abydos has an X-302 instead, an addition of an Anubis statue and Egyptian-style pillar, some more SG personnel, and it looks to only have Sam, although she is wearing green in this case. Having only opened the one set, Ill confirm that as soon as I can.

I’m just going to get the negatives (and boy, there are a lot of them) out of the way. These things are not LEGO sets. They are a fraction of the cost, and you get what you pay for. I should start with the fact that already, despite not even finishing the first box, I am missing 2 pieces : A cone which represent a gun on the F-302, and one of the four pieces that holds  the (tail?) wing in place. Pieces don’t go together well, since there are many that are deformed or warped in some way, requiring a lot of pressure to get them into the proper position, much more than LEGO pieces.

The minifigs look just plain silly, and don’t stay together very well (Or in the case of the Jaffa, at least one of their arms just spin wildly. )

The instructions leave a lot to be desired as well, sometimes I felt as though “Just build the damn thing” would have been equally as good.

Oh, and stickers. Lots of stickers, including on the gate. The gate one, seeing as though it is a big circle, seems almost impossible to get perfect, since even I could not do it. They just flop around, and don’t have the thickness of a LEGO sticker. The event horizon isn’t even a sticker, Best-Lock seems to expect you to tape it onto the gate. I’ll pass.

Enough of the negatives. What you do get in this set is pretty cool. There are a ton of pieces for 39.99$. The Stargate looks like a Stargate, and the DHD looks like a DHD, what more could you ask for?  I guess the Egyptian stuff is okay, but I am going to try and combine the pyramid pieces into one huge pyramid, to really give it some volume.  The boxes are also a lot higher quality than I expected, with the larger Abydos set having a handle, which was a bit of a surprise.

The F-302 is A LOT bigger than I thought it would be as well. It is going to make a great display piece when all is said and done. Although, I think I’ll end up with an F-302, 2 X-302’s, and 4 Deathgliders, plus a Daedalus. No idea where I am going to put these things.

So what is my overall opinion of these things? As a LEGO fan, these sets are pretty awful. They are low quality, as you would expect what is essentially a knock-off. As a Stargate fan? I can easily ignore the lower quality materials. Stargate fans don’t get much in the way of merchandise, especially these days, so the fact that these things even exist is a miracle. I don’t think I would import them again if I had the chance, since it essentially doubled the cost of the sets, but once they hit the United States, you had better believe I am going to pick up more sets.

Although, with an already sizable LEGO collection, I have no idea where I am going to put these things. Stargates for everyone! At this point, you may as well say that I am a living, breathing Ancient. After all, I did build the gates (or a gate)!


There are a few more images in the gallery below that weren’t posted in the article, so check them out: