Happy 7th Birthday to Us!

The Original Logo

On August 20th 2005, I  began forming the idea of what Past to Present Online would be. It started off as an idea for an online zine of sorts, with a monthly format that could be distributed both online and in print, if the interest was there. My hope was to simply have a platform where I could talk about games that I played, upcoming titles, along with the occasional beta version. Realistically, however, that would prove to be a ton of work, coming up with not only the articles themselves, but individual page designs for each and every page of each and every issue. Most of the work from that time has been lost to the depths of the Internet, but I still do hold onto some content from them, including the logo and a Visual Basic prototype layout of the first preview issue, with the main game featured being Killer 7!

Visual Basic? What was I thinking?

Shortly after I ditched the e-zine idea, Past to Present Online began to resemble what is still going on today. I have shifted focus to more beta versions and unreleased titles, but the concept remains the same : cover the titles that I want to cover, how I want to cover them. That means, mostly, to create the highest quality footage that I possibly can, and create an archive for items that otherwise may disappear over time. Some day, I hope to help implement the first digital archives for games in museums and other historical institutions, which needs to be done sooner rather than later, or else content will be lost forever.

I have covered prototypes for obscure systems like the Philips CD-i, like Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds, while also looking at cancelled titles from the current generation, like Star Wars Battlefront III. That is ignoring titles like Diablo for the Gameboy, and some others that I helped discover and reveal to the public for the first time. I have made extremely poor quality 480i video, while now providing high quality 720p content. I have helped release over a dozen titles throughout the years, with much assistance from friends and readers. PtoPOnline has also been featured internationally, in gaming magazines throughout the world. Most game developers have thrown their full support behind the site, with the occasional lawyer folk getting a bit trigger happy.

PtoPOnline has survived redesigns, rebranding, and more redesigns, and yet I am still here. I may have picked up a few haters along the way, for whatever reason they may have, but I have also found countless people that I can talk to about anything and everything, games or not. I hope that Past to Present Online survives for many more years to come, and that people continue to enjoy the stuff I put out. Thanks for coming everyone, and making Past to Present Online a success! Happy 7th Birthday to PtoPOnline!

Some of the titles covered over the years