Midtown Madness 3 : Preview Version [Updated!]

Midtown Madness 3 was one of those games on the original Xbox that became a cult classic. It was a blast to fun, and it even had Xbox Live! support. I’d love to see a re-release of it some day.

This prototype version has an entirely different file structure than the retail release. It dates to February of 2003, a few months prior to the retail release. I just began to investigate the beta version, so I am not sure just how many differences there are. What became immediately apparent, though, that it isn’t just an early review copy.

The first time playing, I could have sworn I beat the CPU racer. But the game told me I lost, and I knew it had been a close race, so I thought that maybe I was mistaken. Upon playing again, though, I confirmed that I did, indeed, win the race, which the game confirmed, but it followed that by saying I lost!

Screen showing overlapping text, and both winning text and losing text. Must be early!

Two other things I have noticed thus far are that the cars don’t always seem to line up with the GPS correctly (can’t recall that being an issue in the retail), along with the ‘Next Race’ button being disabled.

Check out the video below to see for yourself. Updated : More screenshots with differences as well!


Things don’t always load correctly… 

More menus in the wrong positions

Ignoring the capture differences (retail image from TheBlueFire12 on Youtube), you can see that the damage bar locations vary slightly, along with an entirely different speedometer in the beta version! Notice the retail version’s limit of 180, along with the MPH signifier, plus other graphical changes. HUD placement seems different, although that may be due to capturing. I checked the options menu from the main menu, and by default the game is set to KMH. Still, switching the game to MPH revealed that the Speedometer is still different in the beta version, as seen below.

I love winning and losing at the same time!