Xbox Alpha Development Kit 3521.1 | May 2001 – Early Xbox Dashboard!

I have been looking for an official set of recovery disks for my Alpha Kit for some time now. Heck, even normal recovery disks don’t come up too often. The set of disks I received yesterday is from May 2001, which is one of, if not the, last recovery sets for the alpha kits before they were to be sent back to Microsoft.

At this point of development, the XDK Launcher looks like the launcher that was available through the launch of the console. I actually prefer the design over what it was eventually changed to, as the background is very ‘Xbox’ to me. Installed by default are a bunch of samples, with more that can be compiled on the PC . A new video with those should be coming shortly.

But this video focuses on the early version of the Xbox Dashboard. The Xbox Dash is what you would see if you booted your Xbox without a game in the DVD drive. It allows you to manage your save, check out some music, and adjust the settings. Despite looking far earlier, most of the function to work in this version of the dashboard, although the animation is choppy on the first try. The only thing not working is the Parental settings, which is understandable, along with sound effects. The music player works though!

Check out the video below, and let me know what you think! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and like us on Facebook, as that will get you the updates as soon as they are available.