Project Velocity

Way back in 2007, Gamerfreak1727 leaked a title he found on a debug Xbox called ‘Project Velocity.’ Although a few people had some success running the game, myself, and many others who tried since then, never really were able to get the game running.

Today, I decided to give it a shot one more time, and my persistence paid off. The game is totally unoptimized, and is missing a ton of textures and other files that would help the game to run a bit better, but hey, something is better than nothing. More tweaking could be done to improve the framerate, but I wanted to present the game in its original, unaltered state. Since as of right now, I have yet to find any videos online of the game, I am quite excited to show off some high quality footage.

As for the game itself, it seems to be an early version of one of the Need for Speed Underground games, with references to the ‘Underground’ race style. The issue being, the build date seems to be around January 20th, 2006, almost a full year after Need for Speed Underground 2. It is possible that it is a prototype for an unreleased sequel, or even one of the other spinoffs like Need for Speed Carbon, but I am not 100% certain where it would fall. Any NFS fans who want to chime in, feel free!

Update : As Shinebi pointed out, things are even stranger. The game was found on an EA kit, but it was due to be published, apparently, by Vivendi / Sierra, and was being made by Visual Science in Scotland. It may have been known as Octane, which I had been assuming after booting the game up and seeing Octane a few times. I’m sure the actual tale is even stranger, so if you are a developer who was working on the game, send me a message!

Below, you’ll find the original screenshots that Gamerfreak1727 released and allowed me to host back in 2007, along with a brand new video of Project Velocity in action.