Xbox 1 DVT 3 – Beta Development Kit

For those that know me, I’ve always been fascinated by Microsoft’s original Xbox. It really was a unique system, with a lot to offer. While the PS2 struggled to do 480p (and the trickery that was involved for the so-called HD mode in GT4), the original Xbox was able to pump out HD graphics. Was it used often? No. But when it was, it looked amazing.

That said, the development history of the Xbox was always quite cool to me, from it’s PC form factor, down to the brick that we all love (or hate) today.

This month’s ‘Hardware Monthly’ features the beta development kit for the Xbox, often called the DVT3. This is obviously later than the Alpha kits, as it resembles a retail Xbox, although the video encoder, among other parts, would later be changed.

One of the things people always point out on the DVT3 is its jewel. On retail models, you would see a plastic jewel, often a bright green color, in the middle of the Xbox. On this model, it is a cool metal jewel that isn’t seen on any other model.

Like the DVT3 I owned in the past, this model is a European version, meaning it requires different voltage than that which is supplied in the USA. Unfortunately, my converter has yet to come, so it’ll be a while before we all discover the goody that is on it.

Until then, check out the pictures, and let me know what you think!