Xbox Intros I : Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan of the Xbox 1. Not so much on the 360, despite my coverage of 360 games lately. The issue I have is that so much of the content on Youtube and other sites is just poorly captured, not really showing off what was really a great system. I looked up MGS2 on Youtube, and really didn’t see any 480p native captures of MGS2 on the Xbox, so I’ve decided to make this into a bit of a series, showcasing the introduction segments of a few different games. Like I said, these are all captured in a native 480p format, resulting in the highest quality capture outside of capturing direct from a debug kit, which in itself has its own downfalls, namely poor framerate and no audio. So, enjoy this first video in the Xbox Intros series, and start recommending some games you would like to see!