Manic Driver – Acclaim Tech Demo

In today’s look at “Things That Never Were,” I take a look at a small tech demo for the Xbox called Manic Driver. This demo is actually one of my favorite little titles that I have come across. It controls well, and is a simple concept, essentially collect everything and get to the end of the level. But it reminds me of early Xbox Live Arcade titles on the 360, like Marble Blast Ultra, or even of titles that you would see on a mobile platform. I don’t know if this was ever planned for a full retail release, and if I had to guess I would say it wasn’t, but it really does seem like a solid little title that someone could pay 8 or 10$ for, or less on mobile platforms, and come away relatively content. It controls well enough, and with a bit of tweaking, ti would have been a good title.


Check out the video, after the break!