Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Tok’ra Part 1

This mission, as you may know by now, is Mission 13 . Video from now on is of the final PC build before the game was cancelled. It has numerous differences from the Xbox build I had, including missing maps. Everything is of much higher quality though, so I think you will enjoy the improvements! The Xbox levels DO load on the PC build, but have some errors due to missing textures and other files not included in the PC build. Due to my recording in 720p, the top of the HUD is unfortunately cutoff, but the trade-off is higher quality gameplay.

On this mission, we meet up at a hidden Tok’ra base to warn them that Anubis is coming, and is planning an attack to destroy the weapon against the Super-Soldiers. Jacob, Samantha Carter’s father, is still living among them. SG-1 must escape from the tunnels with the weapon if they are to stand a chance against Anubis.

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