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Stranger’s Wrath

As I’ve mentioned, I am no Stranger’s Wrath expert. Pointing out the differences on my own would be no small task, but luckily the folks over at the Oddworld Forums were happy to help.

DarkHoodness pointed out the following:

1) There’s the early models for the live ammo and crossbow, of course (which look… interesting). And the UI icons representing the ammo are different.

2) As Varrok noticed, Grubb voices sound different (and yeah, more annoying).

3) The Clakker’s wagon trains (seen during the first bounty mission for the first town) have different models, looking like they simply put wheels under a wooden town building and stuck a cab and engine on the front. In the retail they look like low-riding caravans that are towed by a tractor-type thing.

4) The scene after the de-pantsing FMV has Stranger knock an Outlaw into a fire. In the retail, the Outlaw runs out of the fire while burning and causes an exploding barrel to detonate immediately after the player gains control of Stranger. In this beta, the outlaw disappears in the fire and the barrels detonate spontaneously some time after the player gains control.


Wil, an administrator of the forums and member of Just Add Water had the following to say:

Here you can see part of a removed cut-scene. That broken bridge on the way to Filthy Hands Floyd was originally intact right up until Stranger got there.


Looks like this is Unkle Turkey-Toes. He’s the gatekeeper on the way to Filthy Hands Floyd, but he’s terrified of Bolamites. You have to catch them before he’ll open the gate for you.


(In response to DarkHoodness’s comment on the Wagon Trains) Going purely by concept art and not any insider info, this looks like a remnant of the unexplored idea that Clakker colonists travel in vehicles that are basically buildings on wheels. Their towns crop up wherever their vehicles break down.