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Advanced Debugging I

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Stranger’s Wrath

After being tipped off that the developers did include a more complete debug mode, I have been wondering where to find the mode. After all, there were plenty of functions in the preference files that seemed to not actually do anything. Was it an issue with the .XBE I was using? Does the non-working debug .XBE hold even more functions?

Sadly I don’t know an answer to the last part. I even went and tested it with a full development kit, running XBWatson, the debugging program, in the background. The .XBE seems to run out of memory before it gets started.

But not all was lost! I operated on a hunch that this build may actually function with a keyboard. Microsoft did include USB to Xbox adapters with some Xboxes (in addition to the adapter sold for Phantasy Star Online). Since I’m not entirely sure where my adapters were, I had one shipped over from China and plugged it in. Success!

There are a whole host of debugging functions available using any USB keyboard. Simple things, like pushing ‘Delete’ to kill the character and hitting ‘Space’ to pause the game. Quick button presses to change the render mode, letting you look at the wireframe mode, texture sizes, and almost a dozen others that would have allowed debugging.

A previously unavailable Page change function for the existing debug menu also comes into play, giving pages and pages of options which you can see on the next page, including the ability to spawn entities! I believe there should be a feature for taking larger screenshots (based on what Im seeing anyway), but one of the more useless features nowadays is the option to take video from in-engine, which saves each individual frame as a high quality image.  It would be great to have an extremely short, extremely high quality video, but due to the time it takes to write each image the game pauses after every frame. Imagine doing that for 30 seconds or more of footage!