Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Debugging Functionality

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Stranger’s Wrath

Despite the lack of memory for the debug XBE, the remaining files do spit out a lot of useful information. The features of the prototype are just now beginning to be found, but I know for sure that Watson, a debugging tool for Xbox, was working overtime while testing the features, happily telling all about  the errors and missing files. Activating debug features such as the debugging camera, fly mode, and a nice pause feature, along with a function to set the player back at the beginning of the level is possible. This is in addition to the level select mentioned previously. There is reason to believe that there are some test levels, along with some older revisions of missions, located within the files, but no one has been unable to activate the debug menu so far. It may be a job for a keyboard, we’ll have to wait and see.