Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Onto the Gameplay

Prototype Logo

Stranger’s Wrath

Gameplay is early too, which should come as no surprise. The graphics are still incomplete, and the level structure is quite different. A level select option allows the selection of one of six worlds, many resembling areas that would be seen in the final game.

Again, the interfaces are incomplete, with plenty of debugging pop-ups to keep any prototype hunter busy. Bla bla bla and all that. Even with all of these placeholders, the gameplay still remains quite similar to what would eventually be released. There is a third person mode, a first person mode for shooting, nabbing bandits, and all of the things you would expect to see. Unfortunately I am not a Stranger’s Wrath expert, so I don’t recognize all of the changes, but I know the game doesn’t normally start out in the town.