Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Sizing Up the Build

Prototype Logo

Stranger’s Wrath

This prototype build includes three different Xbox executables, along with a few .EXE’s leftover from development. The earliest build date is the “debug” executable, dated April 29th, 2004, essentially 9 months prior to the game’s release. The other two .XBE’s are dated May 22, 2004, and are labeled as “Retail” and “Final” builds. The latter builds would have placed it directly after e3 2004, though the debug build would have been built a few weeks prior. Strangely enough, there seems to be a lack of information regarding Stranger’s appearance at e3 2004, which indicates to me that they skipped it as they were looking for a new publisher following GDC 2004.

All of these dates compare to the January 14, 2005 build date of the retail game, which uses the “Final” version of the executable, which is available in the debug filename address portion of the XBE. It, too, has the path of D:\Exodus, but I still thought it was worth mentioning, as the title started life as “Munch’s Exodus“!

As for file sizes, the “Final” build weighs in at 2.7MB, the “Retail” build at 7.8MB, and the “Debug” build at a whopping 15.5MB! And people wonder why certain prototypes don’t run on retail boxes! Interestingly enough, the build path for the executables is d:\Exoddus, and not “Stranger” or “Oddworld 4” or even “Steef,” which is what the executables themselves are named after.