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Multiplayer Capabilities

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Stranger’s Wrath

Multiplayer in an Oddworld game is pretty much unheard of. There were tests to add multiplayer to Stranger’s Wrath HD, but those tests did not go well to say the least. I was surprised to see that there was rudimentary multi player support within Stranger’s Wrath on the Xbox. I hesitate to call it multiplayer, as I haven’t found evidence that it was actually anything more than a feature of the engine, but one would think that it was designed for a reason at least.

Multi player support can be enabled through the player preferences files located within the preferences folder of the build. I have only attempted to set it to two player, as I am in the process of unpacking a new apartment still, but setting it to 2 essentially causes there to be two player characters spawned. As you might imagine, the second player character can be controller via the second controller. Animations mostly function as they should, but things get to being messier as time goes on, as there is only one viewport available and no split screen thus far. This is compounded when the second player tries to enable first person mode. But hey, it is two players in an Oddworld game!

There may be more evidence of multiplayer left to be discovered, only time will tell.