I’ve had this conversation with a few people, but I figured I would reiterate. The Internet is fine as a temporary tool for backing up content like unreleased games and “preserving” it. But the fact is, that it has a ton of flaws too.

Notably, there is the copyright issue which, while I skirt around it for the time being, will become a big issue soon. Things do disappear off the Internet too, with a few builds that I know I released having gone missing.

Resident Evil 1.5 : Elza Screenshots

If you missed the train somehow, an early version of the restoration mod for Resident Evil 1.5, or Biohazard depending on your location, has been released in an attempt to prevent some of the potential scams and profiteering that may have occurred. It is buggy, due to the incomplete process of injecting C code into the game itself, but it gives an oh-so-sweet taste of what could have been.

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Xbox Kiosk Disk 3.5 Trailers : BC and Kameo

I just received a lot of Xbox Kiosk disks in the mail, and am slowly going through all of them to see what sort of unreleased content is on them. On the second disk I checked, the disk labeled Version 3.5, there were two videos : A nice video of BC, and a trailer of Kameo featuring some early scenes not seen in the now-released version. Check out both of the videos after the break.