I-Ninja | Debug Version

I-Ninja, another game by Argonaut Games, was released back in 2003 to some pretty positive reviews. I just received a debug version of the game, and although I have yet to do an indepth comparison, it reveals that it is, at the very least, different. The video below shows on of the test areas available in the debug version of the game. Unfortunately it would only run at 480i (and I haven’t had time to try and enable 480p), but regardless, check it out below.


Xbox Development Kit : Add-on Card Macro Shots

I’ve been asked quite a few times what makes an Xbox Development Kit different than a debug kit. The main answer is that the development kit is larger, and houses two additional addon cards that the debug kit does not have. I received an extra pair of cards with a recent shipment, so it was easy to take some close up photos of some of the markings, which you can find below. There have been some pictures of the cards on the net before, but you would be hard pressed to find many that are this close.

You can see the additional USB port, which is normally hidden on most DVT4 kits (but available on DVT3 kits), along with the connections to use the DVD emulator, along with some advanced debugging capabilities. Enjoy!

LEGO Bionicle 2 : City of Legends

Hi again everyone, hope you haven’t been too bummed out from the lack of updates. A small package beat Hurricane Sandy’s arrival on my doorstep, and with it, a few nice goodies.

LEGO Bionicle : The Game was released back in September of 2003 for most of the platforms available at the time. Following its completion, Argonaut went to work on a sequel to the title, which they tenatively called Bionicle : City of Legends. It is unclear how much work was completed on the sequel, but the video below reveals a nice, if a bit small, tech demo, showing off the movement system. Note that this is about as early as they come in terms of unfinished content, so don’t expect too much.

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