Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Opinions

For all of the videos I have done about Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance, I have not really talked too much about what I actually think about the game. Being that we are 6 years out from the cancellation of the game, which was being developed by Perception in Australia, I think it is important to note that, to judge the game properly, one has to look at the time period and the games that were being released around that time.

The gaming industry had just begun its shift into the ‘Next Generation,’ with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console having been released around two months prior to the build of SG-1 that I have played. For shooters, there were launch games like Perfect Dark Zero and Call of Duty 2, along with Quake IV, but the 360’s heavy hitters like Gears of War were still to come.


Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Mission 7 Part 1-3


Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy (I think!). Mission 7 was one of the last missions I covered before the Great Youtube Takedown of 2012, and unfortunately that video was one of the few that were lost in the process. I’ve been putting off covering SG-1 for one reason or another, but decided to end that streak today.

As a bonus for being so patient with me getting the video back up, I added on the third part (of 5) for Mission 7, so in addition to replayed footage, you get something a bit new. The fourth part would be included, but it is a bit more buggy, so I am currently working through those bugs trying to get a solid video capture. Check out the video below!


Dark Summit

This is one of the games that were pulled off my alpha development kit Xbox. It features a ton of debugging text, and is likely similar to what was shown off during at e3 in 2001. While I had the kit out, I took a new video of Dark Summit using my 480p capture setup, so I hope you enjoy it! I should probably note that we are moving into the busier time of the year for me, so updates are bound to become more infrequent as the days go on, only to pick up again. Rest assured, I’m still here and collecting new stuff.


Happy 7th Birthday to Us!

The Original Logo

On August 20th 2005, I  began forming the idea of what Past to Present Online would be. It started off as an idea for an online zine of sorts, with a monthly format that could be distributed both online and in print, if the interest was there. My hope was to simply have a platform where I could talk about games that I played, upcoming titles, along with the occasional beta version. Realistically, however, that would prove to be a ton of work, coming up with not only the articles themselves, but individual page designs for each and every page of each and every issue. Most of the work from that time has been lost to the depths of the Internet, but I still do hold onto some content from them, including the logo and a Visual Basic prototype layout of the first preview issue, with the main game featured being Killer 7!