909 Youtube Subscribers and Counting…

We are counting up to the magical,almost mythical, 1000 subscriber count on the Youtube channel. Star Wars Battlefront III has certainly been the main driving force behind it, but I would like to think that you guys are all checking out some of the other content. So I put it out there, what would you like to see from me? An hours worth of Battlefront 3 gameplay? More Stargate SG-1 The Alliance? Some lesser known, but fun titles? Feel free to post and let me know.

A.I. The Circuit

I discovered this title a few years ago on an Alpha Xbox Development Kit, a huge PC tower basically. At the time, I was using a homemade S-video cable of questionable quality, since the Xbox only outputs VGA, which my capture card does not support, along with S-Video, and Composite. Recently, I picked up a VGA converter, which allows me to capture at the full 480p resolution that the kit is outputting, resulting in much higher quality video. I included a high quality capture of the ‘Fireworks’ intro, which is unique to the Alpha Development Kit.

Check out the video by clicking read more, and feel free to post about this or any other game on the forums.


Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | M17 Attack on SGC


Continuing the coverage of Stargate SG-1 The Alliance, Mission 17 finds Stargate Command under attack by Jaffa and Super Soldiers. SG-1 thinks that they have retrieved the artifacts that they were looking for, but as it turns out, one of them was not like the others. I have again inserted audio where I believe it belongs (at the beginning in this case). Please remember that this game is unfinished, so any bugs that you see, such as the lighting making the character skins look black in an area or two, are to be expected.  Feel free to discuss this game or any other game featured here on our forums, located above.