Xbox 1 DVT 3 – Beta Development Kit

For those that know me, I’ve always been fascinated by Microsoft’s original Xbox. It really was a unique system, with a lot to offer. While the PS2 struggled to do 480p (and the trickery that was involved for the so-called HD mode in GT4), the original Xbox was able to pump out HD graphics. Was it used often? No. But when it was, it looked amazing.

That said, the development history of the Xbox was always quite cool to me, from it’s PC form factor, down to the brick that we all love (or hate) today.


Uncharted : Golden Abyss Review

The Uncharted series has become one of Sony’s hard hitters for this generation of games. With three console releases, all of which were, at the very least, very well received by critics and fans alike, it wasn’t a huge surprise to see Sony push their prized franchise onto their newest handheld device, the Vita.

In the past, few handheld games have come close to their console counterparts, as many developers would cut features, graphics, or make huge changes to the gameplay. Golden Abyss tries to stop this trend by offering a console-like experience on a handheld. With bend studio taking over development duties for Naughty Dog, how did this first portable Uncharted end up?


Nightmare Busters to be Released in 2013

Over the past few days, I noticed that an old video I uploaded of the unreleased SNES game Nightmare Busters has gotten some renewed attention. Not knowing why, since quite frankly the game isn’t the most interesting game ever. Turns out, Super Fighter Team has picked up the distribution rights to the game, and is currently taking preorders for a full boxed release of the game, using brand new parts. So for you retro fans out there, make sure to place your order now. It’s not cheap, but at 60 USD it isn’t terribly expensive either. So check out this old video of mine, and hop on over to the game’s website to preorder.