Mega Man Universe – Off-screen Pictures from NYCC 2010

Calm down Mega Man fans, I do not have a copy of this one (yet, anyway!). Mega Man Universe was the game that would feature a ton of different Mega Man versions, including the one from the awesomely-awful US covers. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled, an act that too many Mega Man fans have gotten all too use to. I took these pictures when I visited NYCC back in 2010. They are pretty awful, to be perfectly honest. But hey, I didn’t expect the game to be cancelled. I’d love to give detailed impressions of the game, but it has been almost two years, so that isn’t going to happen. I do recall the game looking quite bleh, so I guess I should have stuck with my gut and taken more than what you see below.



Check out the pictures, after the break, and get a glimpse at yet another Mega Man game that is never to be.