Silent Hill PS3 / Broken Covenant : The Lost Pitch

This pitch, created by Climax LA in 2006, shows what could have been had the team gotten the go-ahead to create a then next-gen Silent Hill title, in addition to Origins, which they were working on at the time.


Tech Demos from the Closed Studio ‘Bizarre Creations’

I backed these videos up just in case they disappeared off of the tumblr where they were found, which seems to have happened. All props go to the Bizarre Creations team making these before the studio closed down. They are displayed in their original form, unwatermarked below. Please, if you do reupload this, do it justice and upload the titles at their native resolutions so it doesn’t get stretched or downscaled on Youtube.



Mega Man Universe – Off-screen Pictures from NYCC 2010

Calm down Mega Man fans, I do not have a copy of this one (yet, anyway!). Mega Man Universe was the game that would feature a ton of different Mega Man versions, including the one from the awesomely-awful US covers. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled, an act that too many Mega Man fans have gotten all too use to. I took these pictures when I visited NYCC back in 2010. They are pretty awful, to be perfectly honest. But hey, I didn’t expect the game to be cancelled. I’d love to give detailed impressions of the game, but it has been almost two years, so that isn’t going to happen. I do recall the game looking quite bleh, so I guess I should have stuck with my gut and taken more than what you see below.



Check out the pictures, after the break, and get a glimpse at yet another Mega Man game that is never to be.