Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Mission 04

Mission 04, titled “Second Part of the Artifact,” is a sniping mission, one of the mainstays of most first person shooters. As the title suggests, SG-1’s mission is to safely obtain the second part of the artifact, go figure. O’Neill and Daniel provide cover fire for Carter and Teal’c, who are driving a humvee through a valley, protected by quite a few jaffa, while they try to rescue Grey and the second artifact. Follow PtoPOnline on Facebook, and check out the video of this mission after the break.


Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Thanks for showing up, Jonas!

Let the hacking begin! Finally getting a handle on some of the functions of the Unreal Engine (circa UT2k4), and figuring out how to get some other stuff added. Here you can see Jonas, in a noticeable unfinished form. His textures are much lower quality when compared to the rest of SG-1, but there point is that there is a lot more to come soon!

Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Mission 7 Part 1-3


Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy (I think!). Mission 7 was one of the last missions I covered before the Great Youtube Takedown of 2012, and unfortunately that video was one of the few that were lost in the process. I’ve been putting off covering SG-1 for one reason or another, but decided to end that streak today.

As a bonus for being so patient with me getting the video back up, I added on the third part (of 5) for Mission 7, so in addition to replayed footage, you get something a bit new. The fourth part would be included, but it is a bit more buggy, so I am currently working through those bugs trying to get a solid video capture. Check out the video below!


Smuggler’s Run – Preview Beta

This one dates from a few months before the US launch of the PS2. I actually sold it a number of years ago, but stumbled upon an old video of the game. It isn’t quite as early as one beta video that is available online, but it is still quite early, featuring some leftover debug options,and unfinished gameplay. Below you’ll find a picture of the disk, along with the video I made years back. Ignore the old watermark, I was using a Super Famicom logo at the time.  Enjoy.