Damage Inc. : Metallica

This canned Metallica game was being developed by Climax Brighton for the PS2, Xbox, and Pc around 2003 into 2004. The game’s vehicular combat is not unlike Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8, but mixes things up by giving the player the option of stepping out of their car.




Developer : Argonaut Games
Platform(s) : PS1
Cancelled : 2000


Malice is another title that I will be returning to time and time again. There is a ton of great information to be had from its long history, starting on the PS1, the tech demos on the Xbox, and prototypes on the PS2 and Xbox leading up to its release in 2004. This will become the central hub for all Malice content, your one-stop-shop if you miss the content while it is on the front page.