Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Recording of Stream


I just finished up streaming over two hours of this game. Of course, I know many of you couldn’t make it, so the footage can be found below. Sorry about the load times, V-Sync causes that for whatever reason. Enjoy!


Stargate SG-1 : The Alliance | Tok’ra Base

If you hadn’t guessed, I’ve been quite busy this semester, leading to very few opportunities to actually do any good research. I had a few short minutes to boot up SG-1 today, and decided to post a few shots of the Tok’ra base, in “retina” resolution.

For those of you coming in from Reddit or Twitter, be sure to check out the previous coverage of the game! Lots of videos and screenshots!

Tech Demos from the Closed Studio ‘Bizarre Creations’

I backed these videos up just in case they disappeared off of the tumblr where they were found, which seems to have happened. All props go to the Bizarre Creations team making these before the studio closed down. They are displayed in their original form, unwatermarked below. Please, if you do reupload this, do it justice and upload the titles at their native resolutions so it doesn’t get stretched or downscaled on Youtube.