Damage Inc. : Metallica

This canned Metallica game was being developed by Climax Brighton for the PS2, Xbox, and Pc around 2003 into 2004. The game’s vehicular combat is not unlike Twisted Metal or Vigilante 8, but mixes things up by giving the player the option of stepping out of their car.


Stargate Worlds Ultrawide Shots

As you probably know, Stargate Worlds was to be a massively multiplayer online RPG, set in the Stargate universe. Complete with cameos from the TV shows, Stargate Worlds would have let the player live in a persistant world filled with ancient technology.

As with most Stargate games, though, that dream was never to be seen by the general public. The game entered a closed beta state before the corruption within the company ultimately pulled the game into oblivion

But that’s where you, the closed beta testers, come in. If you were a closed beta tester and still have install files, especially if you played until the end and still have the game installed, your input is valuable, as those files, plus the cached files from your time playing, could be the future of the game. Send me a message if you meet the criteria, and we will figure out how you can help.