Silent Hill PS3 / Broken Covenant : The Lost Pitch

This pitch, created by Climax LA in 2006, shows what could have been had the team gotten the go-ahead to create a then next-gen Silent Hill title, in addition to Origins, which they were working on at the time.



Behind the Magic: Ghost Recon’s e3 2010 Build Revealed

E3 is one of the biggest and most exciting periods in game development, at least for the fans anyway. A good showing can rocket a game to hypeville, while a poor showing  can make developers go back to the drawing board, as is what almost happened after e3 2010 for the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier team. Scripted demos are normal, as the fact is that there is only so much time to show the great parts of your game, all while avoiding the bugs that plague a game that isn’t finished. The video below shows how one such demo was put together, despite Ubisoft apparently not liking the video themselves. Enjoy.


Prototype Memory Unit for Xbox 360

Prototype accessories, especially for physically small accessories, can be hard to come by. That is what makes this 512mb Xbox 360 sample card interesting. Most people wouldn’t think twice if they saw one of these. Developers probably rarely used them, if at all, let alone cared enough to keep track of them. The video shos that there are some differences between the retail and proto card, even if they are minor.