Bionicle 2 : City of Legends XDK Shots

Having loaded this game up the other day, I realized I never did any good direct capture shots of the game. So here you go!

Outrun 2 Chihiro Beta : Video of the Game Running on an Xbox!

Somehow, this one managed to slip all of us by. Many thanks to Boomslangnz for discovering the oversight and sending me a message! I’ve had the beta downloaded for a while, and just never tested it on an Xbox. Go figure, it works! On a debug kit of course (or a box with 128mb of ram, if you run MAME first, apparently). Without access to the test mode, as it doesn’t work on the Xbox, there doesn’t seem to be any way to enable the Continue mode which would allow a birdseye view.


Crimson Skies High Road to Revenge Beta1 Pre-Release

I’ve had this beta for a long time. Longer than I care to admit. When you first boot it up, it launches an installer, which does just that. After the game is installed onto your hard drive, you would launch the .XBE, and hopefully it would run. Unfortunately, it never did. I tried multiple ideas to get it to launch, and nothing. Until today. After some fiddling around, I found out that it expected a certain date to actually run, something I had thought of in the past and yet never actually done. After that, it boots!

Now, it isn’t the complete game, weighing in at just 1gb, while the retail is closer to 4gb. It has a few missions, and a multiplayer map. Notably missing is Xbox Live support, which would have been over Partnernet if it had been implemented. There are a ton of changes, from menus, attract videos, mission text, missing graphics, and some changes to the missions themselves. One thing that excited me was an incomplete but working bot mode, something that the final game lacks.

Check out the screenshots below, while I go back to re-record video as I accidentally captured in 480i.