Prototype Memory Unit for Xbox 360

Prototype accessories, especially for physically small accessories, can be hard to come by. That is what makes this 512mb Xbox 360 sample card interesting. Most people wouldn’t think twice if they saw one of these. Developers probably rarely used them, if at all, let alone cared enough to keep track of them. The video shos that there are some differences between the retail and proto card, even if they are minor.


“Stargate” Genesis / Mega Drive Prototype

I don’t normally go for cartridge prototypes. They quickly get to being expensive, and are quite volatile,  let alone hard to store safely. But when this item came up for sale, the fact that it was a prototype and Stargate related meant it was a must-have.

By all accounts, the Stargate game, based on the original movie, is okay at best. Most of the time, it barely resembles what the movie was about. Heck, the best, and perhaps only, view of the Stargate itself is in the Options menu.

This particular prototype was sent to the Next Generation magazine, and was likely meant for the review. The date on the cartridge puts it at two months prior to the game’s release in the USA, so the likelihood of any major differences is quite small. Unlike some Genesis prototypes that come without a shell, this one is placed inside two Acclaim shells, covering up the PCB itself.

This one is a prototype that I expect will stay in my collection for many years to come.

Panasonic m2 Console

This, for many, myself include, is a holy grail. A real, working, m2 console in near-final form. These pictures were sent to me by Zappenduster many years ago, and feature one of the few working units that included full hardware, and not just a CD emulator like the development kit. Until recently, it was thought to be one of the last prototypes made for the doomed console, but an auction on Yahoo Japan in the past year or so revealed that there was a later, white prototype that included a logo and a functioning controller prototype with full analog controls.