Nintendo WiiU / Cafe Development Kit

Pictures popped up online of a rare (for now, anyway) WiiU development kit. It features an early version of the WiiU Gamepad, with circle pads rather than joysticks, and of course that prototype finish and design. I won’t be purchasing it, and I’d imagine ti wont be on Ebay for long, so check out the pictures below!

Source : Ebay

Nintendo SN-TDEV Gamecube Development Console

This development tool for the Gamecube was crafted by SN Systems. On the outside, it looks like a fairly normal Gamecube, although it does have a unique chocolate brown color. It differs in that it has a switch for the BIOS, enabling the play of both US and Japan titles. Of course, retail titles don’t work at all, as the unit needs NR discs, which are special-formatted media for testers. Internally, the TDEV includes 48MB of ram for debugging functions, much more than a normal Gamecube contains.

Typically used in universities, the TDEV normally includes a USB interface to allow for quick testing of objects from programs like MAYA. Unfortunately, to get the most out of the kit, you do need a special license which has to be renewed regularly, although the common consensus is that it would relatively trivial to get around. I believe that the unit should function as an NR Reader without the license, but we will find out of that is true or not in the near future Updated : Thanks to Kiff confirming, the TDEV DOES work as a standard NR Reader! Be sure to follow him on Twitter!

For now, enjoy the screenshots located after the break. Expect video of the unit in the future!


Hardware Monthly : IS-Nitro-Emulator

A new month, a new Hardware Monthly! This month is one of my newest acquisitions, an IS-Nitro-Emulator. This unit was made by Intelligent Systems for the development of Nintendo DS games. For those who don’t know, Nitro was a codename for the Nintendo DS. This unit can be used to aid the development of games, as it provides full debugging functionality when it is hooked up to a Windows PC. A developer could stream an in-development game to the unit, see where the game crashes, poke and prod in the memory registers, and hopefully end up with a game that is better than it would have been otherwise.

IS-Nitro-Emulators had a few options available when ordered, one of which is seen here. This option is the USG option,which I believe is the use of a DS Lite as a controller, and not an older, ‘phat’ DS. A prototype unit was available to some developers, which had the early DS shown during its e3 reveal. The next option not installed is the Wireless option. Instead, this unit offers the standard wired Ethernet connection to ’emulate’ wireless connectivity. Lastly, a video-out option was available, which sadly isn’t installed. This seemed to be a very rarely used option,  with very few actually using this. I would guess that this is due to the availability of the IS-Nitro-Capture, which was designed for that purpose.


Take a look at the pictures. A video should be up in the coming week or two of it actually working.


Xbox 1 DVT 3 – Beta Development Kit

For those that know me, I’ve always been fascinated by Microsoft’s original Xbox. It really was a unique system, with a lot to offer. While the PS2 struggled to do 480p (and the trickery that was involved for the so-called HD mode in GT4), the original Xbox was able to pump out HD graphics. Was it used often? No. But when it was, it looked amazing.

That said, the development history of the Xbox was always quite cool to me, from it’s PC form factor, down to the brick that we all love (or hate) today.