Resident Evil 1.5 : Elza Screenshots

If you missed the train somehow, an early version of the restoration mod for Resident Evil 1.5, or Biohazard depending on your location, has been released in an attempt to prevent some of the potential scams and profiteering that may have occurred. It is buggy, due to the incomplete process of injecting C code into the game itself, but it gives an oh-so-sweet taste of what could have been.

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Made Man | e3 ‘Cigarette Tax Scam’

This second video is of the first level available in the e3 build of Made Man, titled Cigarette Tax Scam. We get to see some early cutscenes and storyline, and of course some gameplay. Please do remember that this was not a final build, so a lot of the quirkiness that you see can be attributed to it being an early build, and the fact that the controls are a bit unintuitive at times, especially with the cover mechanic and slowmo action.


Halo 2 Multiplayer Beta

Since Partnernet, the development version of Xbox Live, was disabled for the Xbox 1, some users have been able to hack around some of the limitations for the Halo 2 Multiplayer Beta. Namely, Live support is no longer needed. I had first revealed footage of the game a number of years ago, close to 2007 I believe. The video is low quality when compared to this newly captured footage, which is natively 480p, so no nasty interlacing artifacts.

Featured in this video are removed weapons, a vehicle (the Mongoose!), health packs, and a different HUD. Like I said, this is a hacked version of the game, so a Mongoose would not normally be parked in the basement of lockout.